010-MN Representative Nick Zerwas – Bill promotes financial penalties for some protesters

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(Recorded 02/02/2017) Guest: MN Representative Nick Zerwas (R) District: 30A

a) Nick’s motivational speaking as a tool for inspiration and motivation and how that helped his to serve the people of Elk River.
b) Nick’s thrust towards having protesters pay for the expenses that law enforcement incurs as a result of illegal protest and how that might be balanced wth first amendment’s protection of assembly.

Representative Nick Zerwas (R) District: 30A
Email: rep.nick.zerwas@house.mn
433 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

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2 thoughts on “010-MN Representative Nick Zerwas – Bill promotes financial penalties for some protesters”

  1. I just listened to this podcast and I don’t think Brian has a clue as to what is going on. Rep. Zerwas was explaining why he came up with this bill. If you didn’t learn anything then you weren’t listening, Brian. For Brian to say that he thought it was OK for the governor to incite a riot, go to a 5-star hotel because he didn’t feel safe with the riot he and incited, shows me that he is simplistic in his thinking about words and their consequences.

    I must say that so far I am pretty disappointed in your podcasts. They have not really been the caliber of what I expect from Andre. I know nothing about Brian so I can’t speak to what I expect from him. What I did expect was a little for substance and a little more confrontation of these topics. I am also disappointed that Andre took an idea that I had been discussing with him for years and then incorporating that idea without any involvement from me. This whole idea was driven by me to Andre, of which he agreed it would be good for the two of us to communicate in this way. Then to find out he does this exact idea with another person was completely shocking. To top it off he is doing with this with a very boring sidekick.

    1. Erik – I don’t know you, but I already don’t like you. If you don’t like the podcast, stop listening. I asked Andre if he wanted to produce a podcast together. I wasn’t all Andre pushing me and ignoring you. Go and produce your podcast. I’ll listen. If I don’t like it, I’ll keep my thoughts to myself, unless you would like to hear my disrespectful comments. – Brian Jost

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