023, City Council candidates, Part 1: NANCY ROBINETT, St. Anthony Village, MN

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Nancy Robinett - CLICK for website
Nancy Robinett – CLICK for website

(Recorded 9/19/2017) Nancy Robinett (https://www.nancyforthevillage.com/) is one of six Saint Anthony Village, MN City Council candidates for the November 7, 2017 Municipal and School District General Elections.

ALL SIX CANDIDATES HAVE BEEN INVITED TO BE INTERVIEWED ON THIS PODCAST touching on the topics and questions below. CLICK HERE to view municipal candidate filings.

The St. Anthony Village, MN community has had three significant and high-profile events in the past several years that have sparked a great deal of discussion around social justice issues: Abu Harraira, the officer-involved shooting of Philando Castile, and the displacement of 100+ low income residents from Lowry Grove Mobile Home Park. Each of these implicates very big and important issues our larger society is currently wrestling with:

A) islamaphobia and anti-muslim bias;
B) police violence against communities of color and the breakdown of police-community relations
C) the “affordable housing crisis” and whether we adequately safeguard the disadvantaged in our society.

Interview Questions:
1. What have you learned from these events?
2. In your opinion, why did these three events happen?
3. Are these events significant in your opinion, and if so, why?
4. How have you worked to welcome Abu Haraira members and the Muslim community into St Anthony?
5. How have you supported our former Lowry Grove neighbors?
6. Many families in our community and around the country have had deeper conversations about race, white privilege and equity since the shooting of Philando Castile. What are some things you’ve learned from these discussions with your own family? How have those conversations reshaped your values, if at all?
7. What is the role of government in leading, or at least participating in, the community’s response?
8. Where do we go from here (how do we do better), and how as a councilperson, would you contribute, if not lead, as we move forward?

Municipal candidate filings: http://candidates.sos.state.mn.us/CandidateFilingResults.aspx?county=0&municipality=0&schooldistrict=0&hospitaldistrict=0&level=0&party=0&federal=True&judicial=False&executive=True&senate=True&representative=True&title=Council+Member+(St.+Anthony)+(Elect+2)&office=0&candidateid=0

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