018, Pastor Danny Givens Jr. at courthouse, awaitng jury’s decision on case against Jeronimo Yanez in shooting of Philando Castile

Pastor Danny Givens Jr.
Pastor Danny Givens Jr.

Today (Tues. 06/13/2017) is the day that the Family of Philando Castile will find out the fate of Officer, Jeranimo Yanez, who fattily shot and killed their son in a routine traffic stop July 6, 2016. We spoke with Activist and Pastor Danny Givens about the mood of the courtroom, the process of the proceedings and what the next step might be for the community given the uncertain outcome of this case. “If your Activism does not change you it will not change anyone else”.

Pastor Givens talks about how to move forward beyond this tragedy, the importance of just showing up and not talking and how we can support our Police and hold them accountable when that Blue Line is held to the communities detriment.

Video “Introducing Pastor Danny Givens, Jr.”

From Star Tribune
“Jury takes case against Jeronimo Yanez in shooting of Philando Castile”
Deliberations began after fervent statements from attorneys.

From St. Paul Pioneer Press
“Rosario: With two more deaths, St. Paul pastor grieves yet again”

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Recorded 06/13/2017