“Everything You Wanted To Know About Indians But Were Afraid To Ask” by Anton Treuer

Click for book on Amazon
Click for book on Amazon

This is just one of 14 books by Anton Treuer.  Episode 22 of “Armchair Activist” podcast will feature a conversation with Anton. CLICK IMAGE or HERE for more information about this book.

Thank you listeners! – 1,072 downloads in our 1st month, October 2016!

Thank you listeners!!!  We launched Oct. 5th 2016 and are now up to 1,072 downloads in 28 U.S. states and the following countries: Latvia, Australia, Ireland, Finland, and China.  Thanks so much for listening and sharing!  Thanks also for all the emails and suggestions for topics and guests to be included in future episodes.   Thanks for sticking with us!…even if it’s uncomfortable.

How Can I Help? – by Brian Jost

I feel inadequate. I’m hyper-aware of my faults, much more aware in the last month since launching this podcast. This isn’t why I wanted to start the podcast, but it seems to be offering a useful side effect of helping me understand myself, not just others. It’s painful though, learning about myself. Before hitting the record button with Andre, I fear that I will sound like a fool. I immediately feel frozen, my brain stuck on nothing, just a bunch of useless neurons doing anything other than what I need them to be doing. I’m white. What can I possibly know about being any other race? And what is race? Who first defined race? Why do we need to use it? How did I get in this situation with this podcast? I hope people don’t think that I think that they need to think the way I think. That’s too much to think about. I just hope people don’t think that I’m trying to act like I know a lot about racism and social justice. It’s quite the opposite. I don’t know enough. I don’t know much at all. All I know is that there are a lot of people on this planet and we haven’t learned how to respect each other yet. I do think it’s possible. I’m not sure how we’ll get there or when, but I think we will. Or maybe it’s about figuring out how to be with each other peacefully in a world that will never realize global respect. I dream of a massive noticeable change taking place in my lifetime. Is that just a dream? A shift in our consciousness, our awareness. Might there be a day in our future when not a single human being wakes up thinking about their own needs, but rather, wakes up with urgent thoughts and feelings about what others need? Can we shift into “How can I help?” And if we can, for how long? We can’t forget about our own needs, but we must find a way to raise up the needs of others. It’s hard for me to see beyond myself most days. I’m heading to bed now. Tomorrow is a new day. I’ll try to remember these thoughts when I wake in the morning.

– Brian Jost